19th Global Energy Village 16 & 17 April, Leeds, UK

Robin Hood is  a contrarian in English folklore: a symbol of justice and equality. The justice and equality of the Energy Transition brings the need for greater societal justice and equality. A vision that must touch societal hearts and minds. The H21 Leeds City Gate Project brings with it such a bold societal vision.

From 16 & 17 April 2019 The Queens, Leeds in the United Kingdom will be the venue for the upcoming Global Energy Village.

The Global Energy Village has been a leading pioneer of the Energy Transition: focusing on H2 projects which have established industry precedents.

Leeds is primed to bring this together to reflect what a Hydrogen Society can look like. To date The Global Energy Village has been at the forefront of Power-2-Gas studies and Start-Up projects including the Sun Project (Austria), North Sea Wind Power Hub, and Japan’s Move to becoming a Hydrogen Society. Always the strategic link has been Energy Storage.

We kindley invite you to participate in the Global Village either as author, participant or sponsor.

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