14th Annual Deep Water 2015 Summit



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Day 1
22 October 2015

Session 1            
Management Session

8.00 – 9.00 Coffee & Registration
9.00 – 10.30 Opening and Welcome

Exploring the Ultra-Deep Waters within the Context of Low Price Opportunities
Mr João Constantino, Geologist, Sonangol (D.Cunha, L.Punza Sebastião)

An Industry Perspective: What can We Anticipate?
Shehryar Lodhi,  President, Schlumberger Angola

Sandy Contourites: A new Paradigm for Deepwater Exploration
Prof. Dorrik Stow, Head of Institute, Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot  Watt University, United Kingdom

10.30 – 11.00 Coffee

11.00 – 12.30 The Seven Pillars of Big Data
Dr Satyam Priyadarshy, Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton-Hallmark

Exploration History of the Kwanza Basin
BP Speaker to be announced

12.30 – 14.00     Lunch

23 October 2015     
Technical Session 1        

Technology  Challenges 14.00-15.30                

Efficient Deepwater Well Testing
Beibit Akbayev, Yakov Shumakov, Palma Giordano, Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Getting more value from vessel and equipment: A case study of the world’s first integrated pipelaying vessels
Rogier Kalis, Area Manager Commercial Africa/Middle East, Royal IHC Offshore Division

Angola Offshore Wireline Conveyed In-situ Stress Testing for Reservoir Cap Rock Characterization
Richard Birchwood, Chee Kin Khong, Olivier Bodin & Chitwan Garg, Schlumberger Angola, Michael O’Keefe, Schlumberger Wireline, London,Cosan Ayan, Schlumberger Wireline, France

15.30–16.00 Coffee   

The E & P Big Data Challenge; Beyond Data Management for Optimal Decisions
Jean-Louis Gelot, Landmark Country Manager, Halliburton

How Enhanced IT Support can Improve Data Management
IT Solutions speaker to be announced

Large-Hole, Full Suite Logging – While Drilling (LWD), Real Time (RT) Answers, Increased Efficiency
Doug Murray, Marcus Turner, Cyril Edem and Akanimoh Nkanga, Schlumberger Oilfield Services

18.00–19.30                Reception

Day 2 
23 October 2015

Technical Session 2
The Strategic Role of the Universities

8.30 – 9.00 Coffee  

9.00 – 10.30 Inferences about the Exploration of the Pre-salt in the Kwanza Basin
Mr. Fernando GonçalvesSonangol EP/DEX (D. Cunha, Aristóteles Lucas and Lino Buambua)

Informed Water Shut-Off based on Flow Scan Imager at a Deepwater Well in Angola Reducing Water Production from 20000 bwpd to 1600 bwpd 
Joao DALA, Esmeraldo CANGUNDO, Helder NETO, Daniel AVILA, Moufdi CHIKH (Total Angola) Ezinne Nnebocha, Jose Arturo Navaro, Justin Dukas, Emil Leporcher, Chee Kin Khong, Parijat Mukerji (Schlumberger)

Pressurized PVT Sampling as a Critical Component in Offshore Value Optimization
Dr. Luis F Quintero – Halliburton Global Production Management Advisor

10.30 – 11.00 Coffee 

11.00  - 12.00 Profiling the Energy Company of the 21st Century
Gerard Kreeft, Managing Director, EnergyWise

A statistical approach to Wireline formation testing provides a higher level of reservoir understanding
Sandeep Ramakrishna, Manager Deepwater Reservoir Solutions Centre, Halliburton

Day 2
23 October 2015

12:00- 13.00       Lunch

Session 4: Training + Knowledge Transfer

Signposting INP’s Educational Journey
Domingos Francisco, Director, Instituto Nacional De Petroleos

Towards a Cost Savvy Logistics in Oil + Gas
Pierre Lhermitte, Consultant

Capacity Building & Training Opportunities: The Higher Education Perspective
Prof. Dorrik Stow, Head of Institute, Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot  Watt University, United Kingdom

Engineering the Future

GDK speaker to be announced

Summary & Closing