EnergyWise is a Network Company and Mediates in the ‘Transfer of Knowledge’

EnergyWise is a knowledge company which plans, manages and implements events such as seminars, workshops, conferences, from meetings which have 50 delegates to events that include 1000 persons. We have a strong international track record, much of that committed to working with emerging and developed markets, and in projects which have a strong accent on the energy sector. We understand the energy sector and on this basis we discuss various project proposals with potential clients, thus ensuring their input – a measure for successful project planning.

We have worked with most of the major IOCs and state oil companies, service companies and international organisations and feel uniquely qualified to bring consensus to help develop international projects. During the planning of the event we have regular meetings with the clients, to ensure that the client’s input is maximized. In the course of implementing the project such input is extremely important to ensure a successful event.

Because we work in emerging markets we know the meaning of flexibility, and how the event has to be constantly tailored to meet changing circumstances. We have experience with high level executives in deep water, arctic, natural gas, and sustainable development marketplaces. We are knowledgeable with the major geo-markets, in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa and North and South America.